Velama Association of Australia


A non-profit organisation representing all Velama diaspora living in Australia with focus on promoting and preserving Velama cultural, regional, linguistic and religious traditions, with a commitment to bridge and integrate all Velama Community Members in Australia and globally.


A charitable, cultural and educational organisation with an intent to develop, support and steward social, cultural and educational programs improving humanitarian and cultural welfare of the Velama community.


  • To promote legitimate interests of Velama diaspora living in Australia.
  • To nurture, preserve and promote Velama cultural heritage and legacy.
  • To organize and assemble professional, financial, intellectual and political resources of the Velama Community and catalyze for the advancement of Velama diaspora.
  • To facilitate integration and interaction across Australia Velama community members to monitor political and socio-economical paradigm shifts at local and global levels impacting Velama community.
  • To provide a forum at periodical intervals to discuss, debate and decide on common problems and issues facing Velama Community and initiate measures to redress their grievances.
  • To interact and connect all Velama organizations providing a streamlined and unified communication channel.
  • To develop innovative fund raising strategies and explore new avenues to attain financial self-reliance for sustainability of Velama community based organizations, with focus on assisting economically backward Velama Community members.

Community Info:


Detail your services

Please find the below list of people who are in Business Segment from our community in Sydney, Australia.


Rajesh A - Hospitality / Restaurant and Service Station .

Sai Krishna A - Hospitality / Restaurant.

Vinay T / Divya Hospitality / Restaurant 

Vijay  T / Sanju - Hospitality / Restaurant.

Madhav K - Hospitality / Service Industry.

Sri Ranga - Service Stations

Dr. Nirupama K -  Dental 

Srinivas P - IT Consultancy.

Rohit M - Education Consultant.

Madhu Mohan Rao A - Transfort / Services

Ujjwal  K - Audio Visual Production.

Saritha B - Fashion Design.

Srikanth P - Service Stations.

Shashi - Vegetables & Dairy 

Pavan - Tele. Communication & Networking.

Varun - Transport & Services.

Please do let us know if any additional business people to be added.

It’s a good opportunity to utilize the services, experiences and job opportunities for our community people.

Thanking you all.

Best Wishes 

 Velama  Association of Australia