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Velama Association of Australia

Respected all family members of the *Velama  Association of Australia*

This platform has just started a year ago with strong motto and “General Will “of the Community to grow and sustain in the future.

In this regards, we shall all have a common goal to maintain this platform & develop regular interaction with all family members by sharing valuable information and continue the trend of our traditions by   celebrating festivals collectively as part of the social life.

Velama Association of Australia family requests that, we should all be well versed in everything and to look after each other for the common interest of the community in all aspects of life and become a role model platform for the future.

Hence, Family members participation,support and valuable advice is very important to enhance and build the community for both current and future generations.

* Shortly we are going to have a Velama Association of Australia meeting, that would help us to introduce each other and take it further from there.

Appropriate postings will be highly appreciated 

Once again, thank you all for your support and consideration.

Looking forward to seeing more family members in the group!

Best Wishes 

Velama Association of Australia 

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